How Would You Like a Double-Date, With a Difference?

Dating is often done with just 2 people as a couple. The couple would likely want to try and spend time alone to get to know each other. They might also want to have some privacy toward the end of the evening. Dates can be absolutely nerve-wrecking for some people though. Dates can also become awkward if the conversion runs out. For this reason, many people prefer to go on double dates instead. With two couples instead of one, there is less chance of awkward silences, and double the chance of fun.

There is another type of double-dating that some people like to enjoy which also involves taking a friend with you. This time though, the friend will be your loyal pooch, and one London escort just loves to take her furry companion on dates with her also.

Getting Outside

Elite London escort 24/7 Pearl has been working with as an escort for several years. She lives with her beloved Cocker Spaniel, and whenever possible he goes wherever she goes. “He just always wants to be with me”, said Pearl. “He always wants to know that I am OK”. “It can be difficult at times because he doesn’t want me to leave him alone”. “He can’t join me everywhere”, she added.

“One evening I was getting ready to meet a client and my pooch knew”, she said. “He started crying a lot but there wasn’t much I could do”. “It’s not as though I could take him with me, although it’s then I realised that maybe I could after all”. “I introduced the idea of offering dates to fellow dog lovers, and it went very well indeed”.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

“There are a lot of great guys out there that love to walk their dogs, and would like some extra companionship as well”, said Pearl. “I offer the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone”, she said. “It’s a great way to get to know somebody as well”, said Pearl. “Long walks in the countryside create plenty of opportunity for conversation”. “I’ve come to know some great people as a result”.

“There are also some great hotels that accept pets for when we want some privacy”, she added. “The dogs get to have a companion as well, which is great for them”. “It’s great to be able to combine my job with something that I love to do”, she concluded.