The London Escorts That Can’t Get Enough of Dog Shows

Animals make great companions, and all over the world people have animals of different types as pets. With the right love and care, they will be faithful and loyal companions throughout their lives, and can even be called upon to help in a variety of situations. With the right training, pets such as dogs can be very useful to have around indeed.

Dog shows up and down the country pit different dogs against each other where they are judged in different categories. The shows bring people in their thousands to come and watch, and one London escort just can’t get enough of them.


Dogs make great companions
Dogs make great companions

Enjoying the Spectacle

Claire has been a London escort with PalaceVIP for several years and claims that she just cannot get enough of dog shows. “I travel whenever I can to get to a dog-show, I’ll even travel abroad given the opportunity”, she said. “I just love the occasion and the excitement, and of course the dogs themselves are lovely”, she added. “I’ve always been a huge dog lover so it’s great to see so many pooches in one place”. She finished.

Prizes Available

The best dogs in their category stand a chance of winning prizes, and some could even go on to achieve fame. The largest dog show of all, Crufts, is seen by an international audience and the best dogs become international stars. For some, lucrative contracts for their owners could even be in the offering.